Consumer Credit

If you’re a financial institution, credit provider or credit assistance provider we can help you to establish, operate and grow your business in compliance with the Australian legal and regulatory framework.

We can assist you to:

  • navigate and carry on business in compliance with the Australian legal and regulatory framework
  • understand the opportunities and constraints of that regulatory environment
  • obtain an ACL or operate within licence exemptions 
  • appoint responsible managers and credit representatives
  • develop compliance and risk management systems
  • bring new services and products to market
  • prepare contracts and loan and security documentation
  • comply with disclosure obligations
  • implement regulatory changes
  • manage your ongoing obligations, challenges and commercial arrangements. 

We have worked as legal consultants and in-house legal counsel for some of Australia’s leading financial institutions and credit providers and can provide legal advice and assistance regarding deposit products and personal and business credit, including margin lending products, credit cards and mortgages.

Need help with National Consumer Credit Protection (NCCP) Act, National Credit Code, ASIC Act, Corporations  Act, Privacy Act, AML?

Contact us with your query.

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